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Immersive Training Made Easy

Create immersive training materials, share on any platform

Easily create interactive training modules including guided tours, virtual walk-throughs, interactive manuals and video simulations. All assets are automatically accessible in multiple languages.

ThingLink Editor on iPad and iPhone and VR headset

Use cases

Introduction for new employees Safety training Workplace compliance Maintenance walkthroughs Multilingual introduction tours Remote and on-site training simulation Interactive product manuals

Problems we help solve

Workers at factory
  • Recruitment: It is hard to find an adequately trained workforce.
  • Cost: The cost for on-site training is high, and the retention is low.
  • Speed of training creation: Externally-created 3D learning environments are expensive, hard to maintain, and become obsolete quickly.
  • Language versions: Training materials need to be accessible and maintained in several languages.
  • Compliance: It's hard to organize mandatory safety trainings at scale.
  • Accessibility: 20% of adults have learning and attention issues.
Workers at factory

4–5 times faster training, better learning results.

50-80% savings in logistics.

30% less internal support requests.

24/7 access to interactive manuals and technical instructions in any language.

ThingLink Quickstart

  • ROI Analysis: Showcase potential results that can be achieved with immersive training in your organization.
  • Digital Training Roadmap: An initial consultation and plan for reaching your goals.
  • Production Support: A dedicated team to help produce your first project.
  • ThingLink Enterprise Trial: An unlimited ThingLink eLearning enterprise trial license.
ThingLink Editor user interface

Product suite for immersive content and course creation

ThingLink Multimedia Editor

Multimedia Editor

ThinLink Course Creator

Course Creator

ThinLink Guided Tours

Guided Tours

ThingLink AR App

AR Solution

ThinLink Unity plug-in

Unity Plug-in

ThinLink AI Assisted Creation

AI Assisted Creation

Support for languages in ThingLink Editor

Breaking Language Barriers in Training

ThingLink offers universal accessibility in interactive training. Our platform features various translation tools, such as an Immersive Reader and web page view, with a simple one-click option for scene translation. We're committed to breaking language barriers and exceeding WCAG standards, making our content inclusive for everyone.

Enterprise-level security and sharing

ThingLink supports SAML, Microsoft logins, Azure Tenant ID and Ping Identity for user identification. Training modules can be safely shared to any LMS.

  • Ensuring ISO 27001 Compliant Safety and Security in Employee Training.
  • Optional Private Cloud Hosting: Tailored Security and Flexibility.
Logos of LMSs

Gain operational skills in any physical work environment with XR Training

Vaisala recruits new employees with virtual tours

Vaisala recruits new employees with virtual tours

Fingrid creates virtual safety briefings for new hires

Fingrid creates virtual safety briefings for new hires

Savonia WaterLab uses augmented reality to support on-site maintenance

Savonia WaterLab uses augmented reality to support on-site maintenance

Helsinki Region Environmental Services uses virtual tours for employee onboarding and partner visits

Helsinki Region Environmental Services uses virtual tours for employee onboarding and partner visits

Estimate impact with ROI Calculator

Virtual learning experiences make training faster and more cost-efficient. Estimate how much resources your organization can save with ThingLink's learning solution.

Average onsite training time 3
1 hour 20 hours
Average cost per hour 50
$1 $500
Number of learners 100
1 5000
$15,000 Current cost of training
$7,500 Future cost of training

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Fixed annual plan

Fixed annual plans offer enterprise customers predictability, financial savings, reduced administrative effort, enhanced service levels, and alignment with internal policies and strategic goals. Annual plans are an attractive option for large organizations looking to optimize their software investments and ensure smooth, uninterrupted operations.

Flexible monthly plan

Our monthly plan offers a low entry barrier to test the Immersive Course Creator in short-term projects. It provides our customers with the flexibility to scale, adapt, and align costs as usage grows. Monthly plans can be paused and reactivated based on usage and budget constraints.

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