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ThingLink Certified Trainers Program

Join our Global Community of Certified Trainers

We are excited to introduce the ThingLink Certified Trainers Program. This program is aimed at enabling trainers to evolve their practice and exhibit their proficiency in using ThingLink itself, demonstrating its versatility as the heart of immersive learning experiences across all industries and sectors.

Becoming a ThingLink Certified Trainer offers a chance to join a vibrant and diverse community, where sharing experiences and successes can help us learn from each other.

Why Become a ThingLink Certified Trainer?

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Expertise in Immersive Learning

Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools needed to design and deliver training that captivates and educates. In the face of AI and digital transformation, your ability to create accessible, immersive and engaging content is more crucial than ever.

Join a Global Community

Becoming a ThingLink Certified Trainer connects you with a global network of trainers committed to innovative learning, teaching and training. Share insights, challenges, success stories, and collaborate on projects that push the boundaries of traditional learning and development.

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Opportunities for Delivery

With our expanding global reach we often come across opportunities for training that require local knowledge and expertise. We would be delighted to share such opportunities with you as and when they arise.

Learn from our Team

Whether it's crafting branching scenarios, administration and deployment of ThingLink, developing courses, creating interactive assets, or building immersive experiences, you'll be equipped to enhance any training delivery you're involved in.

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Exclusive Benefits and Opportunities

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Certification and Recognition

Receive an official ThingLink Certified Trainer certificate, 3D badge and a LinkedIn recommendation to highlight your specialized skills.

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ThingLink Organization Account

Showcase your immersive learning projects with your own ThingLink Organization Account and use additional seats in your own training. This can also be used for monetized projects.

Please Note: This is not intended to be a substitute account for your organization or school.

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Monthly Community Webinars

Engage in roadmap discussions, share best practices, and explore new opportunities within the immersive learning field.

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Special Discounts

Access exclusive discount codes for ThingLink accounts, empowering you to offer more to your network of educators or trainees and potentially your clients.

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Community Hub

Access to assets, folders of examples, images, decks, logos and more!

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If you have a passion project, thought-leadership style message or use case which is unique or exemplary we would love to help shout it loud. This may be through blog posts, case studies, webinars or even in-person opportunities at events.

Who Should Apply?

This program is a perfect fit for educators, corporate trainers, instructional designers, and all those enthusiastic about integrating technology to enrich learning and development processes.

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What will you need to do?

We would love to get to know you, your competence as a trainer and for you to demonstrate your understanding of ThingLink. The assets you have created and will submit should include the use of all tag types, base media types and include a branching scenario using the ThingLink Scenario Builder. We’d also like you to have completed our ThingLink Certified Creator course plus new Extended Modules.


  1. Complete a short course of extended modules about ThingLink
  2. Submit a ThingLink about yourself as a ‘multimedia portfolio or resume’
  3. Submit a ThingLink you have created which is an example of a learning resource you have used (or could use) in teaching or training.
  4. Submit a short video of you (2 minutes max) presenting the learning resource you have submitted including the pedagogical underpinning and positive impact on learning. This could also be put into a tag or submitted separately.
  5. Recertify with an annual submission of another ThingLink you have created and a paragraph of a use case that demonstrates a positive impact.

Ready to Get Started?!

To sign up for more information and begin your journey as a ThingLink Certified Trainer, simply fill out the form to request information!

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