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New on ThingLink: AI-Powered Image Generation Tools

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Innovative solutions for interactive marketing and communications

Easily make your digital marketing materials more memorable, engaging, and experiential.

Our no-code solution makes it easy to collaborate to create and publish immersive and interactive content throughout your marketing campaigns. Here are some common types of interactive marketing that can be created in ThingLink.

Virtual Tours and Showrooms

Invite your customers to experience your brand and products virtually or offer the option for virtual visits to your facility, office, museum, or store.

Interactive Website and Content Marketing Materials

Easily make your website, infographics, maps, announcements, social media posts or articles more informative and interactive to drive dwell time, customer engagement and lead generation.

Product Marketing

Showcase the benefits and explain the details of your product to your target audience by including instructions or video testimonials with product images.

Immersive Instruction and Product Manuals

Interactive tools can contain useful information or maintenance instructions for your product to reduce customer support tickets.

Explore Use Cases

Maps Interactive images Infographics eCommerce Presentations Product marketing Labeling 360/VR tours 360/VR videos Real estate

Wilhemsen empowered crews to stay safe with an interactive map showcasing COVID-19 tests available at ports around the world.

Increase staff and user engagement by using an interactive image to educate your user.

Easily make your infographics interactive.

InteliConfig simplified their eCommerce with using interactive links to their MultiController Support! Users can quickly and easily learn more about the product, and open a separate link to purchase!

Make your presentations accessible and engaging with ThingLink’s Powerpoint integration!

Carmanah created an interactive video to market their product, helping to boost engagement and increase brand awareness!

Preparing sports fans for their visit with a virtual reality arena tour.

This 360 video tour of Vertex labs puts the viewer in the daily life of a scientist! Use 360 video to create an immersive experience that improves user experience.

Those looking for a getaway in the Highlands were easily able to explore available cabins and the surrounding area using an interactive map!

Why is ThingLink the best solution for you?

ThingLink Editor

Easy to use multi-media editor!

Save time, money and resources with an intuitive editor that is easy to learn. We even provide templates, guidance and AI-assistance to get you started.

ThingLink Editor

All in one solution

Create all of your interactive content in one place. Whether you want to create a guided tour, an interactive image, an immersive VR experience or an AR guide, you can do it all in ThingLink.

ThingLink Editor


Manage mass content and audiences, thousands of users with enterprise-level support and security.

ThingLink Editor


Collect feedback, track engagement and get individual learner data on completion rate and performance.

ThingLink Editor


Get access to the latest updates in technology with new features such as our augmented reality application, our AI integration or a Unity plug-in.

ThingLink Editor

Plays with Others

Embeddable to any website and use integrations with Microsoft, Google, Canvas, Canva to see improved engagement.

Who do we work with?


We are the pioneer and industry leader in embeddable interactive media, working with a wide category of customers:

Small businesses to large enterprises

Museums, libraries & schools

Governments & NPOs

Hospitals & healthcare

Manufacturing, industry & engineering

Media organizations

Digital agencies, consultants & freelancers


Featured case studies

Carmanah create interactive experiences for trade shows and website

How Vaisala is Attracting a New Generation of Talent With Virtual Tours of Their Extraordinary Campus

How ThingLink’s AR App and Virtual Tour Made an Art Exhibition More Accessible

Looking for something that is not there?

If you are interested in a custom plan for your organization or have questions about the plans above, write to us.

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